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The kittens are doing well; things are otherwise still a bit chaotic. Most of the work on the house has been done, but there remains certain items (mainly stair-related); and, of course, a metric buttload (as opposed to imperial buttload) of unpacking to be done. Many items still are in the storage unit in Seattle, waiting to be ferried to the house - the beast is ferrying some today (too many; 28 boxes, going to be interesting figuring out where to put them).

The brackets arrived at Ace today and I took them home only to find out they're the wrong size. I suspect the larger size will turn out not to work either, locking us in to buying the overpriced Rubbermaid ones; hopefully I'll be proven wrong, but tomorrow I'll have to go back and return them and try the larger size. Sigh.

I made pickles last night; a version of half-sours, but not sure about the pickling spice I used, may end up having to toss them, which would suck. I am going to be making bread and butter pickles, pear jelly and preserved plums very soon; also salsa. Probably later this week.

The kittens are getting so big! My babies are growing up. Sniffle. The fencing arrived too, so we're looking into building a coop and getting chickens soon.

Too tired to write very much today, but here are some pictures behind the cut. fussylogic, if you got my invite I haven't seen a reply; let me know if your spam filter ate it!

More house pics when there's better light to shoot by. Also edited to add, for those three of you pestering me about my wishlist for housewarming presents, I /think/ this should be correct: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/3MMBPI4HDV99T/ref=cm_wl_act_vv?_encoding=UTF8&visitor-view=1&reveal=

There's non-house-related stuff on it as it's a general list. :)
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