Faerie Chick With A 2X4 (shadowfey) wrote,
Faerie Chick With A 2X4

Kittens, Kittens, Kittens

I'm not even going to pretend this post is about much other than the kittens, because, well, even if it were, I've mostly only got pictures of kittens for you. Such is the way of things. There is some other random updating, so that you will have to read to get to the kitten pictures.

This weekend the beast and I went back to Seattle to pack stuff some more. And pack, and pack, and pack. Jeff helped with putting things into the storage unit and with loading the truck with some bookcases and boxes, etc. Sunday he had football, so the beast and I picked up from there; which may be why today I am an under the weather, out of energy, frail-feeling shadowfey. On the plus side, all the bookcases are now out of the apartment.

This leaves us with A handful of boxes' worth of random crap to be packed, a desk to be gotten rid of, the china cabinet, the desk we're keeping, some packed boxes, a shoe rack table, and the old mattress; also some of the beast's projects, and the various gardening containers. Compared to before, nothing too major, and Jeff should be available to help with the heavy stuff this coming weekend. We're still debating my going up there and cleaning like mad then, or just saying screw it and hiring a cleaning service to go in and do a moveout special. I guess it depends how much the service would charge; I don't have a real good idea on that.

In the interim, I've been trying to dig up info on what it would take for us to have servicepeople for holidays and the like. It seems a shame not to share our good fortune with others, especially those who are far from their families at holiday times. I made a contact online via a silly little iPhone game with a Marine staff sergeant who put me in contact with a woman who runs a support group for the families of Army cavalry folks; waiting to hear back from her next week.

Apart from that, one of the kittens (not the same one) had been sickly again; they're all still fighting off their sniffles. I've been using baby wipes to 'groom' them every day as of yesterday, which has also included prying encrustations off their poor little noses. The sickly one I finally managed to coax into eating with the help of an eyedropper and some cream-enriched milk, and then I ended up pretty well pinned under all four kittens plus Peter. Peter is a very, very, very tolerant cat; even when one of the kittens attacked his tail, he only turned around to hiss and try swatting after a full minute or two of said rear assault.

Kittens understand chiarascuro intuitively

Look, ma! Matching outfits!

It's a triskelon of tails!

Peter is VERY tolerant...

Happy cat, happy kittens

Mommy is comfortable!

Attacking the camera

Peter's my friend

Peter's tail MOVES!

Last one on the mommy's a two-toed canary!

As you can see, it's been very difficult to write. The kittens have me pinned...
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