Faerie Chick With A 2X4 (shadowfey) wrote,
Faerie Chick With A 2X4

On Houses and Kittens, part the III

Much of our work is somewhat invisible at the moment; pulling up electric fencing, getting rid of half-buried posts where trying to mow the grass and weeds could prove detrimental to one's health, etc. The beast has been keeping very busy with this work of late, and we're yet nowhere near done. However, one of the things we've done has been to acquire some barn cats for the workshop. Or more specifically, one barn cat. Four barn kittens.

The first new member of our happy band is Peter, named for Peter Pan as we're hoping he'll help foster the kittens. He is a very affectionate, mellow ex-tom cat of six or seven years old. All our cats are shelter rescues, and they are all adorable.

Peter loves affection, as can readily be apparent. He was abandoned by his former owners and seems very happy to make his new home with us; we got him on Friday and as you can see, he wasted no time in making himself at home. Today we brought home the kittens, and began introducing them to Peter without wasting any time of our own.

The kittens promptly began to explore, with Peter being a little nervous he might be less loved. He received reassurance while the kittens proceeded to explore. And play. And play. And PLAY. And EXPLORE.

Two of them - one of the orange little boys and the little grey girl - appear to have colds. If they don't improve I'll be taking them to the vet in the morning, but for now they're just a little less energetic than the other two boys. Peter has been accepting of them, and they've been a little more snoozy than their hyperactive brothers.

They are, however, all absolutely adorable. I'll be checking on them one last time before bed in a few, but here's a couple more images to hold people over until the next time and the next post!

Oh, and the kittens' names? What else? Tootles, Slightly, Nibs and Tink.
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