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On Houses and Kittens, part the II

Thusly we move on from the previous post. Wherein before we had the downstairs, sans kitchen, now we enjoy the view of the French doors and backyard, and the view out the kitchen window. It is actually a very pretty sight to behold, and will become moreso, as we get our belongings here and unpack them. A guest appearance by Le Creuset may be sighted for the knowledgeable.

The guest bedroom was occupied by my mother, who's returned home to Florida. I miss her already! But hopefully the next time she's out here, the furniture store will have sent their people to finish the job by putting the bed together (with the hardware they left out the first time).

Our bedroom is a joy now that we have furniture in it. A six piece cherrywood bedroom set, with the king-sized bed high enough that even I have to hop up a little to get up; the cats scale the sides to get up, and Shelley (pictured to the right) sometimes doesn't want to make the effort, lying down next to the bed and gazing up at the beast with pitiful little mews demanding to be picked up and placed.

The room still must be repainted, and I haven't taken pictures today of the nursery, due to it also needing to be repainted and the light fading. The wallpaper borders, especially that of the cherubs, will definitely have to go.

We have a wonderful view of the pond and the northern chunk of our property from the bedroom...

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