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On Houses and Kittens

Work has proceeded apace on the house, and as such I owe it to the people whom I have so shamefully neglected with my lack of posts. Herein there shall be some posts, and information, and pictures.

Here we have our porch, with one of the extraordinarily comfortable moon chairs we picked up from Cabela's, and moreover, a truly ginormous spider on its web. The spider's easier to make out than the web; the sun was bright and I was using my phone.

I did have older pictures, showing the house while the downstairs was still being painted and while the carpets were still in need of replacing. But since I can't find them, here are the pictures of the interior as it is now, along with a picture of the view out our living room window, complete with a cat looking regal and a fountain behind it.

We are lords of all we survey! Literally; we can't generally see past the borders of our property. It's a bit too twilight to go wandering all over the borders, but here's a general shot or two from the porch.

The future library has purple walls and cherrywood floors. It's largeish but difficult to get a good angle on for taking a picture without doing it from outside the house. At the moment it is a repository for inflatable air mattresses and for cat supplies.

More pictures and more details in the next post.
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