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We have moved the cats into the new house. My mother is visiting and we're shuttling back and forth between the house and the apartment in Seattle, packing things up and bringing crates of stuff back each trip. Things are getting done more slowly than I'd have liked, but they are getting done, and (whoever willing), will continue to get done on time even if not according to my ideal timetable.

The downstairs is now entirely painted, except for the stairs/steps. The cats are very happy here and have even put aside their differences in order to share the bed on a regular basis; this despite being all confined to the upstairs for now.

Mom and I hit the labor day sales and in one day managed to line up a six-piece cherrywood bedroom set with king mattress and boxsprings for our bedroom and a queen steel carriage-gate frame and mattress and boxsprings for the guest bedroom, plus a La-Z Boy loveseat, couch, fold-out coffee table and corner table for the living room, and a new Maytag refrigerator and ceramic cooktop stove with double oven. It was frightening to spend that much money all in one day but we really did get amazing deals.

The floors should begin to be installed on Wednesday. Tomorrow we'll be doing more shuttling and when we get back, I'll be scraping off the wallpaper borders in the two upstairs bedrooms.

The housewarming is going to be on Halloween and loads of people have been invited. Hopefully anyone who didn't get an invite who wants one will drop a comment; the more the merrier, I'm not inclined to leave people out! It is very exciting, although a little nervewracking at the moment.

We have gotten to watch almost daily visitations by local blacktailed deer; we'll be making some arrangements to minimize those incursions when it comes time for crops and the like.
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