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House Updates

Inspection was yesterday. Summarizing, the house passed with if not flying colours, then certainly gliding colours. Some fairly minor things to be done and a list of seasonal and annual things they recommend in general be done to prolong the lifespan of the home, which I thought was a very nice (and helpful) tip.

The inspector was a nice guy, very humane - he noticed the duck pond was low on water and the fish in it might be unhappy, so we located a hose and ran it out to the pond to let it fill while he was doing the inspection until it was time to go. The fish looked a lot happier for it.

The beast and I have been doing a lot of work in figuring out what needs to be done (by us) and how we want to do it. Flooring is one of the big things, as usually people do that via financing and on credit, etc. I am wondering as to how the best way to handle it would be. (We want the existing carpet ripped out when we take possession and put in some form of hard flooring throughout. Bamboo has been the primary option under discussion, but we're open to other ideas too. If anyone has any thoughts on the matter, speak up! The only thing I'd rule out entirely is tile, as it's just much more expensive in terms of base cost of materials, labor, and time intensiveness.)

Also? We should totally keep bees. The property is much loved by them.
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