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As some folks know, I've recently taken up archery and have been trying to shoot at least a few times a week. I am noticing improvements already - both in my upper body strength and in my shooting. Today someone suggested I take pictures, so what the heck? Enjoy.

Round 1 Round 1
4 March 2009 - post warmup round, first round of shooting
Round 2 Round 2
4 March 2009 - second round of shooting
Round 3 Round 3
4 March 2009 - round 3 of shooting.
Round 4 Round 4
4 March 2009 - round 4 of shooting.
Round 5 Round 5
4 March 2009 - round 5 of shooting. This round determined a tweaking error caused by looseness of shooting glove due to stretching; after 2-3 shots I corrected for it, with immediate improvement.
Bow Bow
My current bow. 25 lb pull - it's a very sexy little bow, even if light pull. Working my way up.

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